Friday, November 30, 2007

Las Vegas Homes :(

Nevada is FIRST in Preforclosures and Bank Owned homes. Yea for being number one!...Except for those who bought homes since early 2005...They are out big $$$!
Since I bought my primary residence in 1998 with Great Credit and 25% down, I can sit and laugh at those who thought they were in for easy money...Shady credit and 100% financing...what were they thinking?
Fortunatly my clients are doing well because I wouldn't let them get caught in this terrible trap. Buy way too much home for what they could afford or buy New Homes with inflated prices. I still laugh at all those people camping over night to buy a New home...sitting in the cold wind thinking they were So smart...What a Joke. Now they're crying because the price of their home has dropped thousands of dollars!...Fools!!!
"Please bail me out" they say. NO's your mistake...suck it up. Besides, I have plenty of clients waiting to buy their homes at a realistic price.
And for those who took out...AND SPENT...all their equity to find out they owe more than their home is worth now...TOUGH! You spent the $$$dough on live with it...Sleep in you new car...goofs.
For those out there who have GOOD CREDIT and some money for a downpayment, give me a call so I can show you how to make BIG $$$ Today! Their lose is your gain...and I mean a BIG $$$ GAIN.
Check out for more info...then call me when you want a piece of the pie.
What do they say? "If it's sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't" How many thousands of fools forgot this quote we all knew since the age of 5?
Talk to you soon...Chris

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Las Vegas Real Estate = Big $$$

Anyone out there have any money left for Real Estate! If you're lucky enough to have not bought a home in the past few years, chances are you might still have money in your pocket and like the unluckyones...or should I say (stupid ones) who bought hopeing to make easy money...Now is the time to buy in Las Vegas. Foreclosures...Bank Owned...Short Sales...the list goes on and on! There are some GREAT Deals to be had, but most people have crappy credit and NO $$$. TOO BAD. I can show you...or those with Good Credit and some to buy properties for as much as 30% under value...Now THAT'S EASY MONEY.
Check out my website at:, then give me a call if you want to learn how and WHEN to buy a property taht will make you money. Don't bother calling if you're like most people with Bad Credit and Zero (0) Cash...It's time for you to rent.
Time to go make some more money...See Ya...Chris D.